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Rescue My. Hair™ Volume Shampoo Bar 80g

Rescue My. Hair™ Volume Shampoo Bar 80g

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Rescue My Hair Volume Shampoo Bar, an environmentally responsible and cruelty-free product, is made with unique soap-free technology. Handmade and cold-pressed, this bar contains simplified essential ingredients and natural colouring. With a gentle neutral pH of 5.5, it is free of harmful palm oil, silicone, and toxic ingredients. You can conveniently store the bar in its reusable box between uses! Enjoy clean and voluminous hair with extracts of Soja germ, fava bean, pea, and kidney bean, all while experiencing the delightful scents of Lotus and Cherry Blossom. To extend the life of your Rescue My. Hair™ bars, make sure to expose them to fresh air and store them on a well-drained soap dish. Avoid sealing them in an airtight environment for long periods and enjoy these amazing bars' enduring benefits.


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