Which brush for which style?

These days we are so focused on making sure we have the right products for our hair, that we always forget to pay attention to which tool we are using. You can buy the best products in the world, but if you are using the wrong brush, you’ll struggle to create your desired style. With so many different brushes available though, it can be confusing. Let me show you the best brushes for your style. Best for Detangling = Tangle Teezer Tangle Teezer’s uniquely designed teeth flex and flick as they glide through the hair, eliminating tangles and knots on contact, minimising breaking, splitting and damage caused by mistreatment. It’s perfect for all hair types and is recommended for fragile or colour-treated hair, hair extensions, weaves and children’s fine tangle-prone hair. Best for Long or Thick Hair = Paddle brush A paddle brush is a wide, flat brush. They won't tame frizz, or create a shape in the way that a round brush will but, if you have thick, long hair and want to dry it straight, a paddle brush is a good way to rough dry it and take out most of the moisture before you style with a round brush. Try Moroccanoil PADDLE P80 Ceramic Brush Best for a Frizz-Free Finish = Large Barrel Brush A large barrel brush is a must for any straight style. A large barrel brush grips hair better to helps distribute the hair's natural oils and gives a smooth, frizz-free finish. The larger the barrel, the better. Make sure to look out for a minimum diameter of 55mm, like Moroccanoil LARGE C55 Ceramic Barrel Brush Best for creating volume = Small Barrel Brush If you want to create volume very close to the roots and it's easiest to do that with a smaller-barrelled brush. Natural bristles are best and a diameter of around 40mm. I recommend GHD Natural Bristle Radial Brush Size 3 (44mm Barrel) Best for styling a sleek bob = Styling Brush If you don’t need or want much volume in your style, such as a pixie crop or a bob, then a styling brush is for you. The plastic bristles tend to be closer together than those on a paddle brush, meaning they offer slightly more grip and the smaller head is better for controlling shorter styles. Best for daily brushing = Cushioned Brush The cushioned base allows bristles to gently massage the scalp, improving the blood flow to the area, resulting in healthier hair.
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