VIP hair treatment... just add oil

It always makes me laugh how horrified customers look when I suggest an oil treatment for their hair. As soon as they see the Moroccanoil 125ml bottle heading their way, they’re like edging back in their chair saying, “won’t it just make my hair really greasy?” Bless! I suppose the thought of adding oil is a little alarming, until you see how amazing the results are that is.
Get in touch with your sleeker side You don't have to be Moroccan to use Moroccanoil, darling.

Criminal hair activity

Believe me I’ve been there. As a self-confessed flat irons addict - well, basically any heated styling appliance that lets me try out new looks - my hair puts up with a lot. Let’s just say I’ve nearly been booked by the Hair Police for unruly, out of control hair. Awkward. And I may have snapped a few combs in the fight against tangles! Tumbleweed springs to mind. Yes I’ve fallen out with my hair on many occasions, but we always make up over the Moroccanoil treatment.

The naughty step

I can spot a hair tantrum a mile off. I know the signs well. When my brush stops gliding through my hair, when my locks are looking frazzled and go all out to embarrass me, a tantrum is definitely imminent. That’s when I give my hair its own little pampering session; well it’s either that or the naughty step.

What a star

Moroccanoil treatment is so easy and nice to use. Can you believe just a few drops of Moroccanoil on my towel-dried hair is all it takes to restore manageability and look a million dollars? Well, believe. It really works. We’re talking glossy nourished hair to the point where you won’t recognise yourself. That’ll be because it’s rich with anti-oxidant argan oil, as well as proteins and vitamins. It’s my hair’s favourite feel good tipple. Although one of the stylists has tried both olive oil and coconut oil as a treatment. Granted she does smell lovely, but I know which I prefer.

Oil up and go

I use it all the time in the salon as well as at home. I’m such a giver. It’s great for taming fly-ways and adding shine as a finishing touch. So that’s conditioning, styling and finishing your look all taken care of with one smart bottle of oil. I love a versatile product, don’t you? Guess what? The transformation often gets me the VIP treatment in clubs you know. I can’t help it if they mistake me for Cheryl Cole, now can I?!
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