Top Tip Tuesday - First Date Make Up

Is there anything more terrifying than the prospect of a first date? Aside from the pressure romantically there's the obvious pressure to look sensational and not just for the guy you're trying to impress! Beauty might be in the eye of the beholder but nothing is truer than you feel as good as your look so it's definitely worth taking your time to make your exterior look gorgeous so you can dazzle with your personality! 1. NEVER try a new make-up look for a date Dates are a chance to be whoever you want to be but don't be tempted to try something too different. You'll be nervous enough without worrying about whether your fake eyelashes are falling down your cheek because you didn't glue them on properly. 2. Less is always more A recent survey said 90% of guys think our beauty comes naturally, bless them, so when you're getting ready for the big date don't pile on the slap. If you're blessed with flawless skin you might want to go for as light a coverage as a tinted moisturiser or a mineral foundation. 3. Use waterproof mascara Not because the date will be particularly upsetting or emotional (hopefully!) but it is handy for avoiding under eye smudges at crucial moments. 4. Big eyes or big lips, but never both! Always pick one or the other. This is just a good general rule to stick to whether you've got a date or not! Go for winged black eyeliner and red lips for a classic look or go sultry with a subtle smoky eye and nude lips. Both will look polished and make you feel sexy enough to impress. 5. Keep hair simple Clean hair styled in your usual way will give you confidence but if you fancy doing something a bit different try a simple braid or some loose curls to give you a feminine feel. If you fancy some inspiration we love this look by Sam from Pixiwoo. Do you have a 'go to a date' look that makes you feel a million dollars? We'd love to see it! The TSL Team x
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