The perfect Easter day look

The perfect Easter day look

It’s nearly Easter, which means two glorious days off work and also lots of chocolate! It also means meeting all the family for a big lunch or dinner, some that you might not have seen since last Easter so you need to look your best! This year, it’s all about the simple, natural look.

Natural Every-Day Look

Gone are the days of heavy eye shadow and scouse brows – this Easter you should look healthy, glowing and radiant and I’m going to tell you exactly how to get that look!
  • Start by cleaning your face of any old make-up then apply a light face moisturiser.
  • Instead of using foundation, use either a tinted moisturiser or a BB cream. These blend in well and also give coverage. They also even out your skin tone and don’t look too heavy. Plus, they are great for you skin!
  • Next, apply concealer to any blemishes or dark circles around your eyes. Make sure its not too dark or light for your skin, otherwise it will really stand out and be obvious.
  • After, apply a powder on the oilier parts of your face, blending it until it looks like your skin tone. Be sure to go underneath your jaw line and onto your neck, nobody likes foundation marks! It should look natural like you aren’t wearing any makeup!
  • Follow by applying either bronzer or blusher. I always prefer bronzer as I like to look a little bit more tanned and look like I have a natural glow. Slide the powder just along your cheekbones and t-zone. Don’t over do it – orange is not cute!
  • Now for eyes, use either dark brown or black eyeliner. You only need a small line on your top lid to accentuate your eyes and follow by mascara. I always like to use lots of mascara if I don’t have much eyeliner on as they make your eyes look a lot bigger.
  • Finally finish with a gorgeous natural colour lip-gloss or lipstick. Don’t have one? Just use Vaseline!
And there you have it, a gorgeous natural make-up look for Easter lunch for dinner with the fam! Guaranteed to make you look glowing!
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