The most underrated haircare product you probably already own (and if you don’t, you should)

The most underrated haircare product you probably already own (and if you don’t, you should)

I know that having options when it comes to haircare is the dream, but with so many products out there, it can be overwhelming to select the best ones for your hair type. Cue leave-in conditioner, aka the product that can transform your hair routine. Leave-in conditioners, like L’Oreal 10 in 1 Spray and Redken’s One United, make it possible to give your hair the best care possible.

WHAT IS LEAVE-CONDITIONER? When you’ve been conditioning your hair every time you wash it, adding a leave-in conditioner may seem a teeny bit pointless. I hear you, but hear me out. A leave-in conditioner spray works side-by-side with your normal conditioner, rather than in place of it. Leave-in conditioners help give your hair an extra dose of moisture throughout the day. Plus, if you’ve noticed your hair breaking off more than usual while brushing, a leave-in conditioner could be exactly what you need. In the case of both L'Oreal 10 in 1 and Redken One United they provide heat protection and prevent breakage.

How to use: If you like to space out the days you wash your hair, these two sprays can hold you over in-between, making your hair feel manageable. Spray on damp or dry hair whenever you feel like your hair needs a refreshing boost, focusing on the ends of your hair. Since the ends are the oldest part of your hair, this is where extra moisture is needed the most. For fans of heat styling (so that’s all of you then), you can apply these conditioners before using your heated tools to help prevent heat damage. These products are so lightweight that you can layer it under your other products to soften the touch and texture of your styling products. Trust me, leave in conditioner sprays are the most versatile haircare products out there and can be a real game-changer for your haircare routine.

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