Rock the Weekend - Colour Me Happy

It's getting chilly, the jumpers are coming out and the leaves are falling from the trees. That's right - autumn has definitely hit the UK! So now's the time to ditch the sun-faded colour of summer and treat our hair with some opulent warmer tones. Blonde Don't make the mistake of thinking autumn means blondes have to hide their heads in shame. The clarets and emerald greens on the catwalks and in stores now are the perfect partner for blondes. Whatever your shade try adding beige tones to subtly warm your look and work well with the paler skin tones of autumn. Ash blondes are popular this year and look fabulous when complimented with a darker base to add dimension. Red Heads Coppery reds are always popular at autumn as we try to match our locks to the leaves on the trees. The colour of the season, copper, works beautifully with all red shades, as will rich bronze and auburn. This can be a tricky colour to pull off so be sure to discuss with your colourist the right one for your skin tone. Word of warning though: reds lose their intensity quicker than other shades, so you will need to invest in products to help protect your colour. Brunettes Brunettes are a staple autumn shade but make sure you keep it rich and glossy. Warmer, darker shades will make your skin glow but if you aren't a brunette of some shape or form already be sure to go darker in stages rather than all at once. A Can't Decide? Then go ombre! Still as popular as ever we're seeing a shift away from the bright colours and moving towards warmer, golden tones for a more subtle approach. Which way will you go? The TSL Team x
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