New Year's Hair Resolutions!

New Year's Hair Resolutions!

Can you believe it’s a new year already? 2013 seemed to have gone by so quickly and it’s that time of the year again when we all make resolutions.

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It’s a new year, which means a time for a new you. So why not try some New Year hair resolutions…breaking bad habits is hard to do, but with my help, this is your chance to turn good intentions into great results and avoid hair freak out for a whole year. Win, win situation!


I will detox Detox your hair?! I hear you ask, yes, exactly that. You need to cleanse your scalp from product residue build up over the last few weeks or months or even years. So, how do you detox your hair? You can make several DIY hair masks at home with natural products like honey and vinegar. During the detox stage your hair will be very dry and tangly but I promise in the long run, it will be worth it. A long-term solution for product build up is to shampoo your hair twice. The first shampoo won't lather as it's removing product build up. The second will lather and be able to do it's job!


I will be more organised Promise yourself that you will book your next appointment before you leave the salon to keep to the 6-8 week cycle. A lot of us don’t trim our hair regularly enough, which causes us to have spilt ends and dry, dull hair. Make sure you have regular trims.


I will NOT use straighteners Heat can damage your hair and seriously dry it out, especially those of use who like to straighten our hair at every chance we can! This month product your hair with heat protected products and give your hair some time off heat! Your hair will thank you for it.


I will not fade away Got coloured hair? Give hair a coat of armor with anti-dulling treatment or a fresh new splash of colour.


I will shine on! Use a brightening hair mask to give your hair a new shine and look. Also try using a crystal hair spray or serum to give your hair that extra glow.


I will be strong Protect and re-strengthen your locks. Gives your hair a dose of what it needs, exactly when it needs it. Use vitamin rich products, which are gentle enough to be used each time you wash your hair.


I will build body Keep limp locks at bay and this month build volume. Use volumised products like hair spray, powder and lifting spray on your hair. For volume you can also blow-dry your hair upside down or backcomb for instant results.


I will brighten up Keep your colours bright with Vitamin Shampoo and Conditioner. These lock in colour for longer and keep that hair sleek, shiny and chic.


I will go curly Beach waves and curls look natural and are so early to do. Use sea salt spray or curls enhance moose in your hair when wet. This look is effortlessly chic.


I will try something new! Be more adventurous and work alongside your Stylist to create a new look! You only live once.


I will stay Frizz free Nobody likes flyways or frizz, they are just unnecessary and quite frankly annoying. Use serum or products to say bye to frizz and take control.


I promise to LOVE my hair more!!
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