Man-Tastic - The Product Debate

We've been having a bit of a debate here at TSL Towers about products and men. When it comes to using them, how many is too many? Whilst us lovely ladies have an array of gorgeous goodies to choose from some men are just coming round to the idea that perhaps moisturising isn't an option but a necessity. So we've put together our list of guy-friendly products that will stop him feeling guilty about stealing your Thalgo kit and keep him away from too much guy-liner! All these have the TSL kiss of approval and a bit of cheeky discount you won't get anywhere else :) 1. Hair Let's start at the top. Whatever your age and however much you've got left you need to take care of it. A good conditioner will keep your barnet in tip top shape and they don't have to cost a fortune to make a difference. Check out our favourites If you're going grey there is no shame in dying them out - just don't do a John Travlota! Use a colour as close to your own as possible - these kits from L'Oreal Men Expert are easy to use but if you need some help don't be afraid to ask! 2. Face It's not rocket science guys -use a gentle exfoliator everyday to remove dead skin cells and brighten complexions. Follow with a good moisturiser like this from Thalgo skincare. If you're going to spend your money anywhere our advice is always on moisturiser. Trust us, you won't regret it! 3. Shaving Special mention for this! Us girls know how careful we need to be when shaving our legs so it's vital you have the right products when shaving your faces! Lather the area to be shaved with a good foam or gel, use a sharp razor to avoid drag and get a closer shave and finish with a calming balm to soothe irritated skin. Have a look at the discounts on our range from L'Oreal, always a firm favourite!
Is he Ryan Gosling yet?
So, after much consideration these are the 3 areas we think definitely deserve some TLC when it comes to our TSL Men. What do you lot think? The TSL Team x
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