We were lucky enough to go and see Michael McIntyre last night and the skippy comedian struck a chord with us beauty lovers when he talked about the lengths women go to in order to look good. We wont spoil the punchline for any of you comedy fans but he was right when he pointed out that men only have one face so we've hand-picked some products to keep it in tip top condition! One of our favourite brands of the moment for the fellas has to be L'Oreal Men Expert. The range features everything guys need to keep that one face in fab condition - without over-loading them with product and pampering. If your man is strictly a one product kind of guy make sure it's a decent moisturiser - or current fav is the Hydro Energetic Turbo Booster. Use with the clever eye roll-on and those late nights won't show on his face. With both these products under £10 each from us there really is no excuse - and if it's good enough for these guys... Who are we to argue?! The TSL Team x
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