MAKE-UP TIPS: Get that Winter Glow

Do you ever feel your skin looks pale and dull during the winter months? Well find out how to get that desired Winter Glow using a few simple make-up techniques. shutterstock_110032496 Primer An artist would not use a canvas without prepping it so why would you apply make-up with preparing your skin. The best product we’ve found at TSL is Thalgo Source Marine Perfect Glow Primer. It gives your skin that airbrush effect through evening out the complexion and concealing any imperfections. Foundation The next key component to get that winter glow is a foundation. After some consideration L’Oreal True Match Minerals Foundation seemed to be the perfect fit for this look. Aim to choose a foundation that isn’t too heavy and allows you skin to breathe. Also look to choose one shade warmer than your skin colour in order to add some colour back in to your complexion whilst still looking natural. Cheek The rosy cheek look plays a massive part in winter. For those who don’t get this naturally then opt for a peachy blusher and apply to the upper cheekbones. Mascara Look wide-awake and raring to go this winter with a few good coats of mascara - an essential in any make-up look. At TSL we absolutely love the Silk Fibre Lash Mascara, as it can transform your lashes in just a few strokes. Lips And lastly and most importantly dig out that favourite red lipstick of yours! Red gives a classy and sophisticated finish to any look. This look is perfect for both day-to-day wear and special occasions. So go on girls get glam this winter. XOXO
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