I'm scared to get a new cut, how can I make my style more adventurous without the finality of a cut?

Hair has always had the ability to define a person as it's the fashion accessory we wear everyday. Often we are left desperate to try out a new style either to follow a trend or rebel against one but with fashion being so temporary it can be hard to commit to an extreme change in hair length. There are lots of ways of getting a new look without actually changing the hair length. One is to change the texture of the hair. If you currently have curly hair then try going for a straight style. To try it out use straightening irons. If you like the look then to save time straightening your hair daily have an in-salon treatment to leave you with straight hair for up to 60 days. Ask your stylist for more information. Alternatively if you're looking to move away from a straight look then instead of reducing the hair length ask your hairdresser to give you a more texturised look and use a head clay to add matt texture and definition to create styles without limits.
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