Top Tip Tuesday - Halloween Hair

So last week we covered Halloween makeup but with the spooky night just one sleep away we're topping off your outfit with perfectly scary hair! Never has it been more acceptable to have wild, crazy, uncontrollable hair than on Halloween - but even these looks need to be carefully styled to work well. This Halloween our mantra is the bigger, the better and nothing gets hair quite as big as backcombing. No longer resigned to the 80's, backcombed hair will zombie-fy any outfit - be sure to get creative with glitter, torn cotton wool (cobwebs obviously!), witches' hat, some form of animal ears or even dried flowers for an eerily pretty look. Scared of backcombing but need some volume ? Step back into the 90's, dig out those crimping irons and get crimping those roots! Either crimp and spray into place or brush out to create more volume and a messier look. Think Magenta in Rocky Horror for a truly hair-raising style. Finally don't forget to look after your locks after all that styling. If you're feeling brave but don't want to damage your own hair try wearing a wig but if you do go all out on a Halloween look remember to stock up on our damaged hair treatment products for when you get back - your hair will thank you for it! Happy Halloween! The TSL Team x
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