Get Adult Acne Under Control

Can’t face the world? Adult acne is on the rise… but you can get it under control. When I was a teenager I didn’t expect my skin to be perfect. I knew that the spots I had were part of growing up, all my friends had them too and I had my trusted Clearasil to hand, so why stress? By the time my adult life began, my skin would be perfectly clear and beautiful, right? Wrong. Over a decade on and I had yet to wake up spot free. I had tried it all in the pursuit of clear skin, from dermatologists to every ‘miracle’ cure under the sun. Now that I’m closer to 30 than 20 my skin isn’t too bad…I’ve got a few blemishes on my chin, but luckily that’s as far as it goes these days. But trust me when I tell you I know what it’s like to feel the discomfort, embarrassment, distress and, lets face it, the expense of adult acne. So let me tell you, enough is enough. With a bit of effort and a strict regime, you can and will have better skin in your adult life. Let me show you how… First, you are not alone. We are part of a growing group of adult acne sufferers. 54% of women over 25 suffer some form of adult acne. Acne that rears it head in adulthood is more likely to be inflammatory, with blemishes predominantly located around the mouth, chin and jaw line. Likewise we adults tend to have a few other skin issues, such as ageing concerns that make acne treatment more challenging and acne more persistent than in our teenage years. Whilst we should have our hormones under control, we still experience fluctuations that trigger excess sebum. And what does that lead to? You guessed it, spots. There are 3 main issues that you need address in order to tackle spots: overactive sebaceous glands, bacteria and inflammation. This is where the strict regime comes in. I’ve tried every product range going, but nothing has made the difference that Dermalogica’s MediBac Clearing range has made to my skin. I’m not saying you need every product, but just introducing one or 2 into your regime will keep spots at bay. So let me share my routine: I start by using Dermalogica Clearing Skin Wash morning and night. I pop a pea-sized amount in my hands and apply to my damp face and neck. It’s best to work in circular motions, but make sure you concentrate on the areas where you suffer congestion. Then rinse. Simple. I use this in the shower because who has time to fill up the sink every morning? Just fit it into your regime how it best suits you. This will help to clear away excess sebum without stripping skin and it’s soothing botanicals will help calm that inflammation. More importantly it helps prevent future breakouts. Three times a week I use Dermalogica’s Sebum Clearing Masque. This is one product that you can really feel working. I’ve always been skeptical with face masques but this one does it’s job. After cleansing I smooth a layer of this onto my face and neck. It’s best left for 7-10 minutes, but if you have sensitive skin, you may want to take it off after 5, up to you. If I’m having a good skin day, I just use this topically on the areas that I feel need it. This little miracle tube actually addresses all 3 factors that contribute to adult acne. Boom! Hydration is the key to clear skin. You might, like I did, shy away from moisturisers, as in my mind moisture equaled grease and grease equaled oil and oil equaled spots. How wrong was I. Dehydration actually causes spots as your skin overcompensates by producing too much sebum and blocking pores. Don’t make my mistake. I now use Dermalogica Oil Control Lotion every morning and night. It’s oil free and even contains microspheres to help absorb even more oil and maintain a matte finish. I have obviously learned a few beauty hacks along the way too. I’ve reduced my dairy intake to help with breakouts, I ALWAYS take off my make-up before bed (thanks Mum) and I’ve learnt to leave my spots alone. I don’t pick them and don’t touch them once they appear, no matter how tempting. I’ve also learnt to accept my skin. Yes it’s not perfectly clear all the time, but I’m working with what I’ve got and loving it…with a little help from a few products of course. So that’s my adult acne story. Let me know if you found this helpful and please do share your tips too, I’d love to hear them. 12/05/2015 - PS. A bit of an update. I was just reading about Lily Allen and it seems that she suffers from Adult Acne as well so we're not alone! xxxx
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