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Freshen up your beauty regime

Sick of your same old beauty regime? Cleanse, exfoliate, moisturise - yeah, we’ve heard it all before. Why not try something new? Beach waves Here are my top ten tips on how to revamp your beauty regime this year and refresh up your routine:
  1. When you brush your teeth, also brush your lips. This will act as an exfoliator and get rid of any rough dead skin. After, swipe on a tinted lip balm or gloss with SPF, you'll get moisture, protection, and color all at once.
  2. Instead of always using foundation, switch to a tinted moisturiser. It will hydrate and even out your skin tone, plus it’s easier to blend than foundation.
  3. Instead of using a separate concealer, dip a Q-tip into your liquid foundation and tap it on blemishes.
  4. Skip bronzer in the morning and apply a facial self-tanner every few days to give yourself a healthy glow and even out your skin tone.
  5. On mornings when you need a fast eye brightener, trace a creamy nude liner pencil on lower lids, or dip a Q-tip in a light eye shadow and run it under your lower lashes.
  6. Don’t have time to do your hair? No problem, spray some sea salt spray into your just washed locks and scrunch upwards. It will dry quickly and you will have gorgeous natural beach waves.
  7. To boost volume or disguise your greasy roots, zigzag your parting or move it to the opposite side.
  8. Instead of using a cleanser every morning, just splash it with water. Your face doesn't get dirty while you sleep!
  9. Always use shaving gel. It gives you a closer shave so you won't have to use your razor as often, and it's hydrates your skin.
  10. Skip nail polish. Use a buffing block that files, smooths, and shines your nails for that glossy look!
Every once in a while, we all need to switch it up a bit, follow these tips for a natural more beautiful you.
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