Fairy tales can come true!

shutterstock_142726993 copyFairy tales were once the fantasy of our six year old selves, they showed us a world where magic was a given, where animals could talk, when good always won over evil and where all girls could become princesses. As we get older it’s easy to forget that enchanting allurement which captivated and delighted us all. So it’s no wonder then that nostalgic filmmakers have initiated a sudden revival of some of those classic stories that we all know and love. With the impending release of Cinderella and the production of Beauty and the Beast to look forward to, I have decided to give you some tips on how to recreate those magical fairy tale looks. Cinderella is top of the heap when it comes to princesses. I mean lets be honest, she is the only one who has a castle in Disney World. The upcoming remake is set for release on the 27th March and the woman challenged with the unprecedented task of portraying the infamous slipper-misplacing lady is none other than home-grown beauty, Lily James. Lily has been gracing the red carpets of premieres all around the world, and we’ve all been entranced cleansing_water_2-in-1with her flawless complexion. Alas, not everyone in the land is blessed with such beautiful skin, however, it’s important to remember that maintenance, is the key to perfection. Let me introduce you to Thalgo and their incredible Cleansing Water, this handy product does the work of three by cleansing, toning and moisturising making it quick and easy to use, so there really are no excuses! Follow with a spray of Reviving Marine Mist to achieve a radiant and glowing complexion that, alike those enduring romances will withstand the test of time. If Frozen taught us anything it was the power of a good hairstyle. Yes, Elsa is pretty cool (pardon the pun) but when she takes out that restricting bun, sorts her hair into that effortlessly messy plait and belts out ‘Let it go’, she reaches a sub-zero level of awesomeness. Braids and fishtail plaits are a go to look for any aspiring princess, and if they’re good enough for old’ Rapunzel, well then they’re good enough for us! Before styling, it’s important to shampoo and condition with products that nourish from roots straight through to the ends. L’Oreal’s Mythic Oil Conditioner will not only make your locks silky and soft to the touch, but it will also leave your hair with a mesmerising shine. A princess’s hair has a lot to endure, the endless evenings at those dazzling balls and the constant battling with dastardly villains can really mess up a fro. It’s therefore crucial to use a product like Kevin Murphy’s SESSION.SPRAY that offers an intense hold to maintain tresses past the stroke of midnight. It has recently been announced that Emma Watson has snagged the part of Belle in the upcoming live-action remake of the Disney classic, Beauty and the Beast. Emma embodies the classic English rose appearance which has become commonplace amongst princesses; large eyes, glowing cheeks and bold lips are all timeless features which we are all keen mimic. Thalgo’s Hyaluronic Eye Patch Mask is a fatigue-fighting miracle that will leave the eye area feeling refreshed and looking instantly younger. Garnier have created the perfect BB Cream to eradicate dullness, imperfections, redness, and wrinkles, leaving skin that is radiant with a naturally luminous glow. Finally use Maybelline’s Baby Lips to add moisture that will visibly renew lips and leave them feeling soft. The product also boasts a hint of colour that will be sure to attract your prince charming. Take note of these simple steps and like your favourite princesses, you to could live happily ever after… #GetTheSalonLook xoxo
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