Menopause and the skin

Everything you need to know about Menopause and your skin

The effects of menopause can affect each woman differently, but one thing is for sure; it’s a period of change that is a challenging and difficult process. This is especially true as menopause not only affects the internal body, but it causes changes in your skin too. This can be a side effect to the menopause that many women do not expect, so I thought it might be helpful for me to use this blog to guide you through the most common issues affecting menopausal skinHappy-Woman-With-Hands-On-F Let’s start with the most basic question; what does menopause have to do with your skin? One word people. Hormones. Yep, those dreaded hormonal changes that you thought were behind you are having a bit of a revival. The hormonal changes that occur during and after menopause tend to change the way your skin behaves in new and different ways. For those of you who like to know the technical stuff, the decline of B-Estradiol is the main culprit in the accelerated ageing of skin. It results in lowered oestrogen and progesterone production, which inevitably leads to changes in the skin. So what changes can you expect to see and how should you combat them?
  1. Oilier Skin
During menopause, as your levels of oestrogen decrease, testosterone is no longer masked in the body. Testosterone can then stimulate your sebaceous glands to secrete thicker sebum, giving the appearance of oily skin and possibly mild adult acne (take a look at my dedicated Adult Acne Blog). To treat this issue, the best thing you can do is apply a mask to the skin 2-3 times per week to help control the secretion of sebum from the skin. I recommend Thalgo Absolute Purifying Mask 40ml. Apply to the face for 10 minutes then rinse. You can also apply this one exclusively to the T-Zone.
  1. Facial Hair
As another nasty side effect of the unmasking of testosterone some women may develop facial hair, particularly in the chin area. Don’t worry ladies; I’m only talking a few tiny hairs, not a full on beard. No need to borrow his beard trimmer. Waxing or threading the area is best to help rid yourself of these nuisances. Step away from the razor though if you ever considered it, this will just make the hairs thicker, darker and grow back more frequently. Top tip: try Thalgo Anti Regrowth Solution for Sensitive Areas. This helps to slow down hair regrowth after hair removal services.
  1. Elastosis
During menopause, lowered estrogen levels result in less production and repair of collagen in the dermis of the skin, which means that we lose our skin’s resiliency. Lower collagen levels are also the cause of skin ageing and those pesky fine lines and wrinkles. To help combat this Thalgo Silicium Concentrate is an intensely re-sculpting serum that fights the appearance of visible wrinkles and skin slackening. It should be used three times per year as a one-month course. I won’t mention the hot flashes. But please don’t worry; the occurrence and intensity of the side effects vary from woman to woman. For most, these side effects stop within a year. One thing is certain though; your skin is at a critical stage when going through the menopause with a number of key changes. It’s important to revise your home care routine to help support your skin. If you have any questions or specific concerns, leave a comment and I’ll be in touch. xoxo
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