Easy ways to style curly hair

Easy ways to style curly hair

Curly hair…everyone wants it, unless they already have it. If you have curls naturally you know…curly hair comes with issues. Sure, it can hold style like nobody's business, but it's fragile in its own way. There's the obvious problems, such as curls tend to be on the dryer side and are prone to breakage. But some problems you wouldn’t know unless you were born with curls, like the fact that brushes are the enemy. Brushes will only ruin your bounce.

So let me fill you in on the secrets behind styling your curls and help put those issues to bed. The basics of styling curly hair with minimal heat damage, involves three main styles: wet, natural and dry and roughly pulled back. Allow me to guide you through each style Style 1: Wet Not really a style, mainly just a starting point. This is when product plays a key role to give you the foundation you need. For finer curls opt for a product that will give you some grip and hold, such as a mousse. I always recommend Kérastase Resistance Volumifique Mousse 150ml. If you find your curls are a little more coarse, you’ll need to layer a mousse over a moisturising cream when your hair is still holding water. Try Moroccanoil Intense Curl Cream 300ml. It will control your curl and stop any frizz in one step. Style 2: Diffused To dry your curls naturally, without too much styling, you need a low-heat, low-fan setting along with a diffuser attachment for your hairdryer. As you dry your curls with the diffuser twist your hair between your forefinger and thumb. By using this action on your hair cuticle you ensure your hair is fully dry. If your curls aren’t completely dry, they will change shape and change style throughout the day. Style 3: Roughly Pulled Back The other great thing about curly hair is that buns are easy and all you really need a hairband. Something about roughly pulled back curls makes it look like you’ve made an effort. Winner. Just make sure that when you pull your hair back, to keep it from feeling too ‘ready for the gym’, pull some strands out in the front for some curls to frame your face. In many cases, the best way to show off the amazing texture of curly hair is a simple ponytail with lots of volume in the back. Don’t be too precious about it though. Curly hair rarely stays where you put it for long. Sometimes it's best to just let it do it’s own thing. Afterall…you have the hair everyone wants. xoxo

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