Do you dare to bare?

The temperatures are creeping into double figures and finally we can look forward to spring and, fingers crossed, a nice warm summer! This means only one thing, the prep starts NOW. Avoid that mad panic just before the season starts and ease yourself into a summer body preparation routine. Achieving the perfect summer body is hard work; the standard preparation involves the practice of a healthy diet and a strong focus on exercise. While we would certainly encourage you to adopt those healthy habits we also have a few sneaky suggestions that will help you bid farewell to those winter blues and ensure that you are totally beach-ready! Trust me, come summer you and your body will thank me! exotic_island_body_scrubThe first area to target in our transformation to summer goddess is, of course, our skin. After the cold winter months we need to strip away dead skin cells and the quickest and most effective way to do this is with a good exfoliator. Thalgo Exotic Island Body Scrub contains monoï and jojoba oils to help leave your skin cleansed of all impurities. Use the scrub once a week in the shower and rinse off to leave skin illuminated, brightened and enriched with the scents of Tahitian vanilla extracts. Next up, banishing those bumps! Don’t be embarrassed, the majority of the female population will, no matter their size, weight or exercise regime, experience the orange-peel effect at some point in their lives. To improve the appearance of cellulite, Thalgo have developed a High Correction Gel, which has been proven to visibly reduce the size and number of dimples in the skin. Continued use of the gel on target areas encourages the reduction of tissue hypoxia - a fancy way to say it fights the formation of cellulite! – which will no doubt raise your confidence when it comes time to whack on that bikini! tropez_00110Once your skin is ready it’s time to start working on that tan. Now be honest, who hasn’t had a self-tan disaster? Streaky legs, being left a distinctly ‘Oompa Loompa’ shade of orange, a biscuity scent and unsightly patches have left us all emotionally scarred! But thanks to St Tropez Everyday Gradual Tan you can now breathe a sigh of relief. This self-tan lotion is enriched with Aloe Vera and formulated to build up a light to medium tan over the course of several applications. Now there’s no need to wait for the sun to come out to achieve a natural looking tan with streak-free results. My favourite blemish balm (BB) is going to become even bigger this year. The handy product provides an even coverage without the heavy and dehydrating qualities of many standard foundations. Garnier Ambre Solaire BB Face Protection has a tinted formula that will illuminate and even skin-tone, while providing SPF50+ protection from those harmful UVA/UVB rays which can prematurely age skin. Even better, the BB cream is water-resistant so when it comes to hitting the pool you’ll still be able to maintain your look and defend your skin. cuticle-care-oilFollow my simple guide and I guarantee you’ll be looking and feeling hotter than the sun by the time summer rolls around!Lastly, but certainly not least, we suggest getting your nails ready for the summer and as most people will be opting for a much-needed splash of colour it is essential your cuticles are in tiptop condition. Luckily for us, Nailtiques have developed a cuticle care oil to soften and seal in moisture giving the perfect base for your summer bright nails ensuring you avoid any unsightly messy varnish jobs. #GetTheSalonLook xoxo
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