Beating Festival Fatigue

Beating Festival Fatique DAY 1- BEACHEY WAVES Beachey WavesThis laid back look is all about carefree waves and a carefree attitude. Work some Osis Twin Curl into your hair, then take medium, vertical sections and twist around your finger, letting it drop into a loose spiral. Complete the look with Osis Mess Up for an ultra-matt finish and long-lasting textured effect. DAY 2 - VOLUME INJECTION Refresh tired and lacklustre locks by simply sprinkling Osis Dust It mattifying powder onto your roots for incredible root lift without the need for harsh backcombing - the more you apply the more control you get. Finish with the cult classic Osis Glamour Queen hairspray which delivers instant volume and long-lasting hold. DAY 3 - THE RAPUNXEL BRAIDRapunzel Braid By now you may be feeling the effects of festival fatigue but this doesn't mean your hair has to. Work tresses into a simple distressed bohemian braid worn loosely over one shoulder with Osis Buff, a lightweight styling cream that gives feathery light definition. Finish the look with Osis Shine Duster - a clever little shine powder pot that transforms into a creamy fluid to leave hair glossy and shimmering. So for any festival emergency, kill the routine and go create with new OSIS by Schwarzkopf Professional!
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