Bank Holiday Style - Festivals

It's Friday. It' the last summer bank holiday of the year and we may have some sunshine! Good news for those heading over to Reading Festival so we've put together a list of Festival Essentials to help you achieve that 'just out of my tent' effortless festival look a la Pixie Lott in these fab shots from Lipsy Wet Wipes To cover up missed showers, remove mud, take off make up - this is definitely the top item on any camping list. Vaseline One little tin of this miracle product can be used to keep lips happy, tame eyebrows, used on top of cheekbones as a highlighter, moisturise lashes, or even to give the illusion of longer legs by running a small amount down the middle of your calves. Seriously, it works. Water Proof Mascara Whether it's tears of joy seeing your favourite band in action or the humidity (here's hoping!) avoid smudges with a waterproof mascara. BB Cream with SPF No one wants to worry about foundation when they're camping. BB creams cover up blemishes, even out skin tone, moisturise and protect from the sun all in one product. Now that's travelling light! Moroccan Oil Nourishing Travel Pack Just because you have to wash your hair under a tap doesn't mean you can't still spoil it. This kit contains travel sized versions of all your Moroccan Oil favourites that will keep you hair clean and shiny throughout any festival. And you're good to go! Throw on some sunglasses, hair accessories and a smile and no one will no you've spent the night sleeping on the ground! The TSL Team x
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