Bad Hair Day

The ‘Bad Hair Day’. We all have them, we all loathe them and we will all do anything to make them just that little bit better. Let’s face it; even celebs have the occasional off day when it comes to their locks. But why do they exist? Well, sometimes we’re pressed for time, others we just want those extra five minutes in bed and, more often than not, our hair simply won’t do what it’s supposed to! Either way, it’s pretty clear that we could all use some tips on how to tackle those bad hair days without hiding out in the toilets at work or using a hat. So here at The Salon Look I’ve found some go-to products that will spruce up your locks in a flash. They’re so good you’ll be wearing them on good hair days too! Fine hair can be a nightecni-art-texture-dust-20g_2tmare when it comes to styling. It seriously lacks volume and, despite our best efforts, it can end up looking flat and lacklustre. For a quick fix, we turn to L’Oreal, which has developed the ingenious Tecni Art Texture Dust. This handy little creation adds texture and movement, leaving a beachy tousled look that will turn your bad hair day right around. Simply slip it in your handbag in case of any hair emergencies! osis_magic However, our number one nemesis has got to be the dreaded frizz! The major cause of frizz is the change in humidity levels, so cold weather, central heating and air-conditioning can all play a key role and wreak havoc! Unfortunately for us these are things we meet on a regular basis in our day-to-day life. But don’t panic, there is an answer! OSiS+ Magic Anti-Frizz Shine Serum tames flyways and delivers weightless hold and separation while adding an instant, light reflective shine to all hair types. It really is, well, Magic! April showers - we may love the song but one thing is for sure, we HATE the weather. To combat the problem of the unpredictable British weather why not embrace the wet look right from the beginning by working a blob of Secret Potions Liquid Gold Gelee into your hair and brushing backwards away from the face. bed-head-maxxed-out-236mlAlternatively, if you’re avoiding the wind swept look try Bed Head Maxxed Out Massive Hold Hairspray that will not only provide a super strong hold, it also promises to protect your hair from harmful UV rays, which will come in very useful when the sun finally decides to venture out from behind the clouds! So ladies, before you panic over your messed-up ‘fro remember, with the right products a bad hair day is always salvageable. Unless you do a Britney and shave your head … you might have to wait a while to sort that one out. #GetTheSalonLook xoxo
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