Back to (Beauty) School

For many it's back to school today and whilst some of us might be a bit old (gasp!) to venture back into a traditional classroom it's never too late to hone your beauty skills. If you follow us on Twitter you might have seen us recommend an interesting discussion by the beauty blogger community using #beautychat. The live chat was full of hints. tips and product suggestions from the people who use them the most. One of our favourite tips came from Thom (@ManfaceBlog) "Remove makeup with a dedicated makeup cleanser, using a face wash on makeup is like getting in the shower with your clothes on. #beautychat" We love a good metaphor over here at TSL Towers and this one is a great way of sharing a valuable piece of information! Loving makeup is one thing, being able to apply it well is another and having a clean canvas to start on is essential. We're all guilty of late nights crawling in to bed without taking it off but for those nights we do remember it's important to have a hard-working product. Our favourite brand right now is Thalgo and it's no coincidence that the brand won an Excellence in Beauty award this year! Whether you're a cleansing lotion, water or milk lover they are sure to have a product to suit you. In true TSL style we've got new offers on all Thalgo Duo sets including a FREE GIFT to celebrate going back to beauty school! Which will you choose?
Cleanse & Calm Duo
Cleanse & Lift
Cleanse & Pure
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