Back to basics skincare

Back to basics skincare

Indulge me for a second. You and I both know that the chances of you being on this site if you don’t already have skincare routine sorted are pretty slim. I’m not trying to teach you to suck eggs here, but sometimes it never hurts to check your facts and get back to basics. Remember, skincare doesn't need to be complicated to get results. It just needs to be well thought out.

  1. Cleanser
Be wary of cleansers that promise you the world. If we’re honest, there's really only so much it can do. Most cleansers are only on the skin for a few minutes and frankly, that's not enough time to brighten, hydrate, tone, clear, and exfoliate your skin all at once. So, when you're looking for a cleanser, simple is best. Thalgo Micellar Cleansing Water 200ml is a favourite of mine. Simple, feels great on the skin and gets rid of makeup and dirt from the day. Winner.
  1. Exfoliator
This is where moderation is key. Over-exfoliation, especially after you’ve discovered its skin brightening benefits, is a real problem people. Less is more. I know it’s tempting but trust me, you have that many layers of skin for a reason. Once a week with most exfoliators is more than enough. Acids are the best way to exfoliate in my book as they do the job without scrubbing away at your skin. Try

Thalgo Gentle Exfoliator 50ml.

  1. Serum
Now this is where the thought comes in. Think about what your skin really needs. Tackle the most pressing concern you have for your skin first. Serums work best when they are kept in rotation to keep your skin from adapting to them too much. Six months is the maximum amount of time to stick to one serum…then change it up. For hydration, try for a hyaluronic acid or for acne reduction and prevention, try a vitamin C alternative. You get the idea.
  1. Moisturiser
Don’t skip the moisturiser. No excuses. No matter what your skin type. Even those of you with an oily skins. Trust me, your moisturiser isn’t what’s breaking you out. In fact, the less you moisturise, the more oil your skin will produce. Try a lighter formula for day time such as Decléor Hydra Floral 24hr Hydrating Light Cream 30ml, then step it up to a richer formula overnight. I reach for Decléor Aromessence Neroli Hydrating Night Balm 15ml.
  1. SPF
All day. Every day. No excuses. In my eyes it should be the last step in all complete skincare routines. If you only do one thing…SPF. My favourite is Thalgo SPF50+ Age Defence Sunscreen 50ml. Just layer over your moisturiser for all day protection. As I said, this is a back to basics guide to skincare. I’m always an advocate for simple routines but to each their own. You can add on as many extras as you feel necessary at this stage, but these are my ride or die products that are non negotiable in every routine. A five step routine is all you really need to see results. xoxo
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