Anti-Ageing Haircare Tips

We’re always talking about anti-ageing skincare, but always forget how ageing affects our hair. I’ve been inspired to write this blog by a few silver vixens who have been in to the salon this week looking to switch up their style. I thought I’d share my top hair tips for women over 50 who may be struggling to find the best style to suit them. You’re as young as you feel I say, and the right hairstyle can go a long way to helping you look and feel great both inside and out. According to L’Oreal Professionnel, the average woman decides that 46 is the age to go shorter with their style in favour of a more 'mature' look. But you need to ask yourself if that’s right for you. It’s not that black and white and your style should be chosen with your overall look in mind …not your age. Your lifestyle, fashion choices, the time you spend on your hair and your hair condition should all be taken into consideration. It doesn’t have to be short! Like I tell my clients, there are so many varying lengths within 'short'. If you’re not looking to sacrifice too much length, opt for face-framing layers that will soften the face and break up the coarser texture of your hair as you grow older. When your hair isn’t layered, the bulk appearance of the texture tends to be more ageing, so length needs to be tempered with a flattering, layered cut. If you decide short is the way to go, it doesn’t have to mean the end of glamour, trust me. Short doesn’t just mean crops; a nape-length layered bob with a feathered fringe is defined but not harsh and can help to cover any frown lines. Nape and above the shoulder styles are a great compromise on a short length. Beautifully layered and polished nape cuts and above the shoulder styles are classy and flattering. Then again, some short styles scream playful at any age. The most important thing is to be yourself and have hair that encapsulates the most attractive factor in getting older. Whatever the style and it’s chosen length, a cut that softens and frames the face is crucial. Don’t forget the ultimate game changer; smart colour choices. Harsh block colours should be phased out in favour of colour that hints at varying warm hues. Subtle blonde, brunette and red tones can create an overall colour without a harsh result. In general, soft colours that are close to your natural hair colour work best. Great styling always starts with the right cut, however there can be issues with volume and shine as we grow older. That’s where your hair products come in. The products I love for mature hair are Redken Thickening Lotion £15.50, which contains protein to help reconstruct and strengthen hair, makes your hair look and feel thicker and also builds extra volume and shine. What more could you ask for? I also recommend L'Oreal Professionnel Volumetry Anti Gravity Volume Root Spray, which when sprayed directly on the root before blow-drying helps build volume from root to tip. I also have to mention Color Wow Root Cover Up. It’s my hero product of this year, as it helps keep your roots at bay between salon visits and even covers grey. So remember, just say no to the granny perms and blue rinse and say hello to gorgeous, classy and stylish hair. Let me know in the comments your tips for beautiful mature hair. I’d love to hear them. xxx
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