8 Golden Rules of Hair Products

You know what they say, “go big or go home”. So in this weeks blog I thought I’d tackle one of the biggest questions in the beauty world…”which hair product, how much, when and why?” Ok technically that’s 4 questions…but you see where I’m going with this. I’m going to share with you my 8 golden rules of hair products, to hopefully help tackle the beauty confusion that 99% of us face. Prepare to be amazed…(*cue jazz hands*). 1. Know your hair and keep things simple Using too many products, most of the time, is a disaster. The most important thing to know is what kind of hair texture you have, and what you want your hair to look like as a result. Take the time to consider a few key questions. Do you want frizz control? Do you want volume? Do you want shine? Is your scalp very dry? Is your hair damaged? You really have to get to know your own hair and figure out its qualities and what it needs. And then you just need one to two products. I tend to say if you feel like you need more than two hair products to actually do something with your hair, chances are you’re using the wrong products. 2. Know your product type We hairstylists tend to assume that you all know what we mean when we talk about mousses and waxes, but you know what they say happens when you assume… Mousse: Everyone can use it, in quantities ranging from a clementine to a tennis ball depending on your hair length. It’s basically a volume boost in a can. It’s always much lighter than a cream, and usually has some element of hold so you’ll end up using less hairspray as a result. Comb it in to wet hair and blow dry for weightless, root-lifting magic. I love Redken Guts 300ml £15.25. Wax: Because it’s a strong hold product, and, you know, wax, it's best for those with shorter, choppy pixie cuts. It’s a long lasting product that won't disappear by the end of the day. Make sure you keep this one away from your roots. Top tip; to make you wax more pliable, warm it up in your hands first to help it distribute evenly through your hair. Try L’Oreal Professionnel Density Material £13.20 Pomade: This one is a slightly 'gloopier' version of wax. They give weight and texture like a wax but also give you a bit of shine. You won’t need more that a penny-size piece and again, remember to rub the product between your palms before applying it. My fave is Tigi Bedhead Manipulator £12.95 3. Shampoo the smart way The golden rule for washing hair is two shampoos, one conditioner. The first shampoo is to remove any product from the hair, whereas the second actually works to clean your hair and scalp. The conditioner is to moisturize, from your mid-lengths to your ends. NEVER put conditioner on your roots. 4. Know your 3 stages There are three stages to styling your hair. You want to use the same philosophy you use when you apply makeup, use the lightest and build to the heaviest, remembering to blend. The heaviest products are always used at the end in the smallest amounts. Step 1: Hydrate. You want to use a product to seal in the moisture. Detangler’s work well. Step 2: Your foundation product, such as a mousse, which all should be used a little closer to the scalp. Step 3: Finishing products, applied from the ends to the mid-lengths of your hair. 5. Less is more Use a little bit of a product and build up. People have a tendency to apply hair product like they would apply cream to their face, they just slap it on and rub it all over. But that's a big mistake. You have to start from the bottom up, and if, at the end, you feel like you haven’t used enough product, you can add more. 6. Read the instructions Apologies if I’m teaching you to suck eggs, but it’s pretty simple people. Those directions on the back of the bottle aren’t just a casual suggestion. If it say’s ‘shake before use’ it might be a good idea to do that. They did make the product and all… 7. Don’t mess with the classics Reconsider hairspray. It's in the kit of everyone who works with hair. It’d say it’s my 'secret weapon' but it’s so obvious that I can’t even pretend it’s a 'secret.'. The key is to not spray it too close to the head, to keep the distance dictated on the bottle. It will control frizz, product your hair and scalp from UV rays and keep that style in all day. 8. Ask an Expert Still none the wiser? Just remember there’s a reason your stylist trained for so many years to do their job. They’re the experts and you wouldn’t believe the knowledge they’ve got to share. So book in for a consultation and they’ll give you the benefit of their expertise. Got a burning beauty question? Comment below and I’ll do my best to help. xoxo
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