5 tips for fixing a bad hair day

Bad hair days. We all have them. For some reason you wake up and your hair just isn’t playing the game. It’s frizzy, won’t hold a curl, limp, lifeless and seems determined to look anything but how you want it to. Before you resign yourself to a day looking less than your best, try these 5 simple tricks to help fix your bad hair day. You’ve got this. Tip 1: Change Your Parting Changing where your parting sits is a quick and easy solution. Take it further to the side, the middle, go messy or even the opposite side, just change it from your usual. Once you have the parting in mind you want to create, dry shampoo is your saviour. I usually go for OSiS+ Refresh Dust Bodyfying Dry Shampoo 100ml. Spray close to the root through your new parting and grab your hairdryer. Using a gentle airflow setting, direct your hair in the new direction. Finishing with an extra hold hairspray such as Redken Quick Dry will make sure your new parting stays in place. Tip 2: Embrace the Mess If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em! The obvious thing about a bad hair day is that your hair is already a mess, so let’s embrace it and go for a messy updo. That way, it looks like the messiness was by design. You could go for anything from a messy top knot to a pulled apart fishtail braid (take a look at my tutorial here). Again, make sure to use your dry shampoo by simply spraying a light amount throughout the hair for added volume and texture. While getting rid of the oils, this will create a hold for any messy style you would like. For even more texture, try Moroccanoil Dry Texture Spray 200ml. Tip 3: Ponytails Fix Everything If in doubt, go for a ponytail. The great thing about a ponytail is that it is so versatile and looks great for any occasion. You can go for a slick and classy ponytail for work and a high and messy ponytail in your downtime; make it your go to bad hair day style. Tip 4: Accessorise Sometimes, you might not have the time or patience left to try some of the above. In that case, accessories are your best friend. The variety of hairstyles you can create with one simple headband is endless, from accessorising a ponytail and top knot, it makes people think you’ve spent hours perfecting your hair. Tip 5: Wash Sections I’m sure you’ll have noticed that the biggest cause of a bad hair day is unwashed hair. This comes from excess oils weighing down the hair. If you’ve got long hair though, you and I both know you don’t have time to wash, dry and style your hair every day. If you have a fringe, try sectioning off just your fringe, securing the rest of the hair away from the face and washing the fringe section. This only takes seconds and it gives you a fresh canvas to work with. If you don’t have a fringe, section off the front section of the hair, from the top of the ear over to the other ear. Wash out that section then grab a large round brush and blow dry. This will add volume and gives you a fresh style to work with.
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