5 common blow-drying mistakes you’re probably (definitely) making

Getting that perfect, fresh from the salon blowdry while at home can be a bit of a struggle. Especially if you're making these common mistakes. 1. You’re towel drying first I know you’re thinking “isn’t that what I’m meant to do?” No girls it’s not. Think about it, when was the last time your hair stylist ruffled your head roughly with a towel? Hair becomes more fragile when it’s wet and rubbing it with a towel is more friction than it can take. Instead, remove excess water by blotting your hair first. On that note …never brush wet hair. Use a comb or the Tangle Teezer Elite Detangling Brush to avoid breakage. 2. You’re not using heat protector Still? Tut tut. Hair dryers and straighteners can reach over 185 degrees and your hair needs some protection against that kind of heat. Personally I tend to reach for GHD Heat Protect Spray as it’s simple to use and as it’s a spray I know it’s distributed evenly. 3. You’re starting out with hair that’s too wet If your hair is still sopping wet, you might want to wait before breaking out your dryer. The longer you use it, the more damage you’re causing your hair. And when you use a dryer on just-stepped-out-of-the-shower locks, you’re also more likely to end up with frizz from the prolonged heat. Instead, let your hair air dry at least 10 minutes first (or take a tip from step 1 if you’re in a bit of a time crunch). 4. You’re not sectioning your hair If you dry hair in one large section you’ll never know if hair’s drying evenly, plus your top layer will inevitably take a large chunk of the heat. Instead start by sectioning your hair just above the ear, separating into two smaller sections at the nape of the neck. Continue to take sections roughly 2 inches thick moving up the hair. Sorted. 5. You’re not using the nozzle I’m sensing a blank look on many of your faces. You know…that duck-bill looking thing that came in the box with your dryer? That little baby helps direct the airflow directly onto the hair, making it easier to keep tension and smooth the cuticles for a super sleek look. It will help your hair dry faster since all the heat and air from your dryer is going exactly where it’s supposed to. xoxox #getthesalonlook
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